Terms and Conditions

23 Oct

This Rental Agreement and Contract (the “Agreement”) is a legally binding agreement made and
entered into as of the Reservation Date written below by and between the undersigned person(s) or
company (the “Guest”) and the undersigned owner, manager or agent (“Rental Agent”), pursuant to
which the Guest has agreed to rent the residence described below (the “Property”), for the duration of
the Rental Term for the Total Rental Fee and other good and valuable consideration as described herein.
OCCUPANCY Guest agrees that no more than [Max Guests] 6 persons (4 adults maximum) shall be
permitted on the Property at any time during the Rental Term, all of whom shall comply with the
conditions and restrictions imposed upon Guest under this Agreement. CONDITION AND USE OF
PROPERTY The Property is provided in “as is” condition. Rental Agent shall use its best efforts to ensure
the operation of all amenities in the Property, such as internet access, satellite or cable TV access as
applicable. Rental Agent shall not be held responsible for such items failure to work, but will make every
effort to correct any issues as reported as quickly as possible. Guest acknowledges that use of amenities
such as pools, spas, bbq pits, decks, and the like may be potentially dangerous and involve potential
risks if improperly used, particularly with regard to children and such use is at the Guest’s own risk.
Guest shall use the Property for residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent any
damage or loss to the Property and keep the Property in clean and sanitary condition at all times. Guest
and any additional permitted guests shall refrain from loud noise and shall not disturb, annoy, endanger,
or inconvenience neighbors, nor shall Guest use the Property for any immoral, offensive or unlawful
purposes, nor violate any law, association rules or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about
the Property. DEFAULT If Guest should fail to comply with the conditions and obligations of this
Agreement, Guest shall surrender the Property, remove all Guest’s property and belongings and leave
the Property in good order and free of damage. No refund of any portion of the Total Rental Fee shall be
made and if any legal action is necessary, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement from
the other party for all costs incurred. ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLEASE Guest shall not assign or sublease the
Property or permit the use of any portion of the Property by other persons who are not family members
or guests of the Guest and included within the number of and as permitted occupants under this rental